An Idiot Guide on Web-Hosting: Best Shared Hosting


There are many host that would host your websites for you, but did you know that there are those people consider as the best shared hosting services? While the dawn of internet does nothing to slow down the tide of host scamming their clients and websites abduction, these occurrences only occur because the clients do not bother to read what their host of choice is capable of. If you use that cheap, but untrusted host, of course the risk of you getting scammed is high. On the other hand, if you prefer to have a safe place to host your sites, you would do better to continue reading this article. Why? Because this article here is there to tell you about the sites that will do you good. Surely, I, as a good Samaritan, would never give you fake news. I have done researches on the many hosts and I can conclude that some of them are extremely credible in rendering their services. Without wasting more time, let us jump into the first one:

FastComet hosting companies
When I first read FastComet, I am persuaded that this company is the fastest and is incredible in delivering their services. I mean, the name itself is cool, you know. They sure do live up to their name. Theirs are one of the fastest hosting services out there with SSD storage that is 300% faster than the others. The bandwidth here is unlimited, and unlimited bandwidth is always a cool feature to have. This one in particular got 7 data centres all over the world (located in Chicago, Dallas, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Singapore. I do not know about African though). The price? 3 US dollars to 13 US dollars per month, depending on what package you choose. Yes, I can be pricey, but with price comes comfort and class. You do not get to enjoy first class dinner by paying for the executive class.

This one is definitely more expensive than FastComet’s with the cheapest sitting at 7 US dollars while the most expensive at 15 US dollars. However, paying the most expensive would net you unlimited SSD space and if you are not satisfied with the service rendered, you could have a refund (as long as you did not take more than 6 days to refund. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED). Aside from having unlimited bandwidth, there is nothing else that would make the cheapest and the most expensive different.

A2 Hosting
Unlike FastComet and Hostiso, this one in particular will allow you to have refund any time of the day. You are tired with their service? Refund! You want to switch host? Refund! You are curious on how to refund stuffs? REFUND.

On a serious note, their services are priced at 4, 5, and 10 US dollars per month respectively, with a turbo option at the 10 US dollars package. Their turbo is marketed to be faster than the others are, but I digress.

The three of them are the top class at their department if you are looking to find the best shared hosting services out there.