Social Bookmark, Reddit, Diigo, Pinboard, and VK: What is th Differentiation?


Have you ever heard about Social Bookmark, Reddit, Diigo, Pinboard, and VK? Those are kinds of social bookmarking that are widely used in the world. You might get confused of what they are actually and what makes them differ from one to another. This article will give you a brief look of what they are as well as their differentiation.

Social Bookmark

What is social bookmarking? It is actually a centralized online service. By using it, the users can add notes, annotate, or share web documents easily. All benefits in just one service. That is very practical. Simply to say, if you have ever sent a link to an interesting website for your family and friends through an email, it means that you have done social bookmarking. Reddit, Diigo, Pinboard, and VK are some of the popular websites that include in social bookmarking.


Reddit is a website product from America. It is a discussion website that has reached large number of population with approximately 542 million of visitors every month. Reddit’s site includes social news and media aggregation. Established in 2005 by Huffman and Ohanian, Reddit has become one of the most visited websites in the United States. It has total 36 million of users across the US. Reddit allows its users to create an account freely. Redditors – this is how people call the Reddit’s users – are able to submit or send links and comments by logging on the website. Not only that, the Redditors can also make their own topic to discuss and allows another users to subscribe it by adding it to their front page.


Diigo is also one of the most visited websites in the world. It enables its users to tag and bookmark web pages. Moreover, Diigo also makes it possible for the users to highlight any interesting webpage. Interestingly, it also allows them to add sticky notes to the certain part of highlight or if needed, the whole part of the page.


It is said that Pinboard is very suitable for introvert people. It is because the website really values people’ privacy while keeping the speed connection of social forum. As there is no advertisement in Pinboard, it requires fee from each user. But don’t worry since you only have to pay little amount of fee once a year. By using its services, you will be able to connect up to 3 Twitter accounts at the same time and bookmark webpage from any browser.


Establish in 2006 in Russia by Pavel Durov, VK rapidly grows into a big social media in just within 2 years. Though originally in Russian, the VK is also available in some languages. It is an online social media and networking services that enables its users to link with friends so they can send private messages, share photos, and update status. Additionally, it also comes with some other interesting features such as news, like buttons, synchronization with the other social networks, communities, privacy, and much more.