Facebook Latest Features that Will Be Perfect for Your Business


If you are using Facebook to promote your business, Facebook latest features are going to make you really happy. Lately, Facebook launches various new features that address the needs of businesses and enterprises.

Even though Facebook is a social media platform, it is not a secret that it has become a great place for business to introduce their products and services to new customers. Furthermore, since the advertisements can be targeted to specific groups who will likely to take action, no one will be bothered by the ads.

So, if you are a business owner who wants to get your brand on the map, make sure you don’t miss these Facebook latest features.

Call to Action Buttons

A simple call to action button can make a huge difference and that is what exactly gives you. Facebook is a social media at heart. So, with its latest updates, the platform provides a way for the buyers to communicate with the sellers and make the purchase directly on Facebook.

Facebook provides a new Contact Us button, placed right under the cover photo with huge size and bright color that definitely will not go unnoticed. Furthermore, other call to action buttons like Call Now and Send Message also will be available very soon.

Higher Position in News Feed for Faster Loading Links

Researches have shown that most Facebook users open the platform via their mobile phone. To improve the user’s mobile experience, Facebook encourages advertisers to create mobile friendly and faster loading links.

As a reward, Facebook will place faster loading links at the higher place in the news feed and also make them appear more often compared to the slower ones. This is something you need to pay attention to if you want to make sure your links and advertisements can be seen more frequently by the potential customers.

Targeted Ads for Facebook Event

Facebook is highly commended for its targeted advertisements. It gives business more room to promote their products, but at the same time it will not annoy those who are not interested with the ads.

To make the advertisement service better for business, Facebook latest features include a new targeted ads system for Facebook event RSVP-ers. By taking advantage of the Custom Audience feature, you can post campaigns regarding your brand to users who RSVPed as going, interested and even both of them. This is a nice way to create more effective promotion and guarantee that your campaign is seen by those who care.